Adv Strategy from Europe to Asia and Viceversa

If you think that the advertising strategies you implement are also good in the United States … you’re wrong! And if you think European communication is going well in the Asian market and vice versa you are even more wrong!

Every area of ​​the world needs its communication and in this post I want to give you 4 ideas that can help you understand the communication differences between Europe and Asia (SEA, China, Korea and Japan).

1. In Asia there is a prevalence of Chinese population and this means that the most widespread language is precisely Chinese. In this language the number 4 has a phonetic similar to the word “death” and this is why the number 4 is almost never used, for example in the elevators you will find the 3A floor as a replacement. At the same time in Europe, on the other hand, the number 4 is only a number 4 and therefore you can use it freely. You can understand very well that in a communication strategy aimed at the Asian market, using the number 4 is not among the best moves you can do;

2. Use of Testimonials or models. When you create a communication and advertising strategy you already know that you need to use people, idioms and languages ​​closest to your target customers. For this reason, if in Europe Caucasian faces are preferred, in Asia you will have to revise your communication by inserting Asian models. If your customer does not recognize himself in your communication, he will hardly buy your products/services;

3. Language is another important variant. In Europe there is a strong connection to the mother tongue and there are few countries where English is officially a second language used in many communications and advertising (as opposed to the Asian market). So if you want to sell your products/services in Spain you will have to use Spanish, French in France and Italian in Italy. Don’t make the mistake of using English for everyone!

In Asia the situation is sometimes different as Chinese is widely used in all countries given the high number of populations originating in China, and English is the second most widely used language in countries such as Singapore (official language), Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. You will therefore also need to study well in which languages ​​to publish your communication strategies.

4. Communication with cartoons or comics that works a lot in Asia (even Governments use it a lot), is absolutely not a communication that works the same in Europe. So you have to pay close attention to this too.

As you can see, only these 4 points already make you understand that communicate in different countries means select different strategies. This means that investments in resources and communication strategies will have to play an important role when planning your budget.

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